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Should kids get paid to do chores?

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Did you know that studies at the university of Minnesota have shown that adults who did chores as a kid are more successful in their career and in school? Well it’s true! Doing chores as a kid is more beneficial than most people know. People have different views on kids doing chores for money. Many adults think kids should not get paid to do chores, but it will benefit their whole life. Kids should get paid for doing chores that are above and beyond everyday things, it will be beneficial for their schooling and careers.
Adults get paid to work, why not kids? Kids should get paid for doing chores. First of all, kids will feel accomplished when they are able to go to a store, they will be able to buy themselves or their friends and family. It will prepare them for jobs. Second of all it will teach them responsibility, they will have to manage their time better and they will have something they have to do everyday. Finally, It will teach them how to budget their money, this will prepare them for paying bills, buying food, and buying things they want.
I know some people say that doing chores is not the same as having a paying job, and that we should do chores, not for a reward but because we simply have to do them, however studies have shown adults who did chores as a kid were more successful in school and in their career. It will teach them very important life lessons, and without them, they might have a harder time being successful.
In conclusion, wouldn’t you be glad if your kids did chores and learned important lessons along the way? Doing chores will benefit their whole life. It will teach kids responsibility, budgeting, managing their time, and it will help them feel accomplished. Kids should get p aid to do chores, that are above and beyond everyday things.