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Hurricane Katrina

Coast Guard Jayhawk H-60J during Hurricane Katrina operations Tidewater Muse via Compfight

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States. Hurricanes Katrina’s total fatalities are 1,833 deaths. The storm occurred August 23, 2005, through August 31, 2005. Hurricane Katrina’s highest wind speed was 174 mph and its lowest pressure was 902 mb.

Hurricane Katrina caused many devastating long term affects. Hurricane Katrina destroyed trees, roads, buildings, homes, and it diminished the population, making it hard to travel and leaving people homeless. Hurricane Katrina also caused beach erosion, which will take a long time to recover. All of these thing are going to take a while to recover or to be fixed.

Though the long term affects are catastrophic, so were the short term affects. Hurricane Katrina caused loss of power, contaminated water, and many people suffered metal health issues, including depression, and anxiety. It took a while for people to recover.

Many Government and community agencies came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina Survivors. The Red Cross, FEMA, Mercy Corps, Salvation Army, and the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation are just some who helped. They helped provide food, clean water, shelter, and clothes. Some even helped rebuild homes and other buildings. Thanks to them, areas and people affected by Hurricane Karrina are able to recover and move on.

Now, after Hurricane Katrina, areas affected are recovering. Homes, buildings, and roads are being rebuilt. Trees, coastal shores, and ecosystems are recovering and regrowing, and people are safe and trying to move on. Cities are building stronger homes for new building codes, and improving evacuation plans. This is all thanks to the community and government agencies that helped.

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Activity 1: Popular food in my country

The Fab Dog Doran via Compfight

For a popular food in my country, I picked hot dogs, because hot dogs are an iconic American food. Even though hot dogs were invented by Johann Georghehner in Coburg, Germany, they have grown very popular in the united states. It is said that Johann went to Frankfurt, Germany to promote his product, there for creating the idea that the hot dog was invented there. It is said that hot dogs were developed in 1487, five years before Christopher Columbus set out for the new world. In 1871, the first hot dog stand was opened in new York by Charles Feltman.

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