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Sleepy Hollow: The lie

I remember that day all too well. The year was 1790, and it was a cold day, the skies were dark and gloomy. I was coming home from Katrina and Baltus Van Tassel’s party when a dark figure approached me. I called out to the figure, “who’s there?”. The figure charged at me and soon after all went d     ark. I woke up in a dark pit. After several days in the pit, searching for a way out, I found a long, and strong vine dangling from above. I hoisted myself up and out of the pit, then I ran. I ran towards any hint of light with pain shooting up my legs and into my chest. Finally I found a abandoned cabin, filled with enough supplies to survive there for months. So that’s what I did, I stayed there for months recovering.
I often wondered, who could have done something so cruel to me? Then it struck me, Brom Bones. The night of my disappearance, I remembered dancing with Katrina, and I also remembered Brom brooding in the corner. Brom even said if he caught me near Katrina he would flatten me like a pancake. I needed to find Katrina and tell her the truth about Brom, so I ran toward the village, but then I heard church bells, I ran faster.
Once I got to the village I saw a horse. I called out “hello!” But no one answered. I climed on to the horse, almost falling, and gave the horse a little kick. We sped away towards the church and I yelled out ” I am coming Katrina!”
The horse leaped over fallen trees and brush, going faster than I could ever run. Leaves and sticks covered the ground and made it seem like there was no grass at all.
As we approached the church I pulled back on the reins and said ” woah horse woah” quietly, not wanting to alert Brom of my arrival. I climbed off of the horse and tied it to the tree. Then I looked around, I could see Katrina dancing with Brom in a beautiful white dress. My heart pumped out of my chest, “one, two, three!” I said to myself as I sprang into action and ran to the church doors. I hid next to the door, away from the windows. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside, I saw no one, so I went inside. I walked over to the chapel doors and counted to three, “one, two, three!” then I burst threw the doors. “Icahbod!” Yelled Katrina as she stepped back in shock. “Katrina! You can’t trust Brom! He grew me in a dark pit and left me for dead!” I yelled. Brom looking quite angry and confused yelled “that is a lie! I had nothing to do with your disappearance!” at this point Katrina looked very confused. “Katrina, please believe me I am telling the truth!” I said. Brom stepped forward and yelled angrily “shut up Ichabod! Leave now!”Katrina think about it, that night when we were dancing, Brom was brooding in the corner and he said if he caught me near you he would flatten be like a pancake.” Katrina, looking stunned, looked at Brom and said “is this true Brom?” Brom sighed and said “yes, but I said those things because I was jealous, and I love you.” I steped forward and said “Katrina come with me, we can be happy.” Brom said “please Katrina don’t go.” But Katrina started to walk towards me and looked back and said “I am sorry Brom, but I am going with Ichabod.” Every one who were quiet until that point, gasped in shock.
Katrina and I ran out of the church and to the horse. I was about to help Katrina on the horse when Katrina’s father, Baltus Van Tassel ran out screaming “wait!” Katrina and I stopped and looked. Baltus said “Brom was with me that night, talking about your engagement, there is no way he tried to kill Ichabod!” “Then what happened?” asked Katrina, then Brom ran out and yelled “he faked the whole thing to try to turn you against me.” Katrina steped away from me and everyone’s eyes were on me, including Katrina’s. I backed up, untied my horse and reached out for Katrina but she backed away. I climed onto my horse and said “I am so sorry, please forgive me.” And I rode off, I glanced back and took my last look at Katrina. I told the lie to be with Katrina but I ended up losing her.
As I rode away, I started thinking about everything I could have done differently, but then in snapped out of it and started hi king of where I could go. The I remembered that there was a town close by so I started to ride there. Once I got there I got a room above a saloon and ate some bread and soup. After I ate I went straight to bed. The next day I went to look for a job, at the end of the day I found a job at the library outing back books and organizing. I did not want to get a job so early but I did not have that much money to begin with. After a week I had a dollar and I still had my room. I missed Katrina and the urge to go back to her was almost in bearable, but I decided to stay in this town.
After months of living there, I started to make friends and really enjoy my job. My love for Katrina slowly dwindled and I moved on. At the age of thirty five years old I met a woman named Crystal and married her a year later. We had two children named Beatrice and Caleb. We had a beautiful house and a garden. I lived happily ever after, until I saw Katrina walking down the street.